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Sicily - Village Penthouse

Piazza Dittatura, Salemi, Free municipal consortium of Trapani, Italy

For Sale with project

€ 150,000.00 negotiable

Property Description

The apartment

A 235 square meters apartment located on the Town Hall Square in the historic center of Salemi,

arranged on two floors; on the first floor there is a kitchen and living room, a bathroom, two double

bedrooms, one of which has a master bathroom and balcony, and a spacious outdoor area, from

which there is access to the second floor, where there is a large panoramic terrace.

The village

Salemi is a small town in southwestern Sicily, Italy, part of the

province of Trapani. Located in the heart of the Val di Mazara, it

is an Arab-medieval city, of important urban importance, and

rise in an equidistant position compared to the major centers of

the territory. Between the jewish quarter of the Giudecca and

the islamic Rabato, Salemi’s architecture reflets its diverse

history, with influences from all three major monotheistic


Situated among the hills planted with vineyards and olive

groves, it gathers around the castle from whose crenellated

terrace of the circular tower it is possible to see a vast

panorama over western Sicily as far as the sea.

The town is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and

included in the association of small Italian towns that stand out

for their great artistic, cultural and historical importance, for the

harmony of the urban fabric,

liveability and services to citizens.

Contact Agent

Direct sale

Property Details

Property Type

Penthouse with terrace and view






235 sqm



Year Built

To be refurbished (includes project and planning permission)

Property Location

Piazza Dittatura, Salemi, Free municipal consortium of Trapani, Italy

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